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Northwood Library

What's Happening in our Library?

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Save Me a Seat
Happy National ReardAloud Day
You May Already Be A Winner
The Hate You Give
The Graveyard Book
Waiting For Normal
Under the Ashes
Confessions of an Imaginary Friend
Education of Margot Sanchez
rooting for rafael rosales
Ruby Lee & Me
The Girl in the Well is Me
The Astounding Broccoli Boy
The Astounding Broccoli Boy
Forever or a Long Long Time
Mrs. Bobias reading.
We Are Okay

Northwood Library ShenanigansTop of Page

Students reading in a blanket fort being supported by books
Every school year, Northwood's Library opens up to our students and staff. We offer a wide variety of books to enhance literacy, providing a wealth of information, as well as offering a large inventory with many genres to spark up even the most reluctant of readers.
During library time, your child will not only listen to great stories, but will have an opportunity to participate in literary discussions. They will listen to book reviews on old favorites and brand new titles just being released. They will also learn how to access information, be able to find these resources, and understand just how important the library can be in helping them to become successful in school.
Our goal is to provide our students with a great library experience. We want our students to know that the library is a place where they can find the resources they need to assist them with their studies, learn something new about the world and people around them, and to inspire in them, a "Love of Reading."
Val Bobias
Northwood School Library Media Tech
Teachers in a brightly lit room
BUSD's Media Techs and Dr. Fuentes

A footprint made of circuits

 Digital Citizenship

What does your Digital Footprint look like? Now that our children are using more technology at home and in school, we continue to educate them on the importance of using it properly. We will address Digital Citizenship throughout the school year. Cyberbullying, social networking, computer use, and cell phone safety are a few of the subjects we are covering. Feel free to contact your teacher or me if you would like to learn more.


is a Bully Free Zone!

A police officer holding a stop sign. A message says No Bullies beyond this point.
Words Hurt! Think before you type.
A poster that says Be a Hero, report bullying

Exercise Your Brain - READ!

A figure sitting on the letter L.
Visit your local Library.

Read with Astronauts!

Story Time in Space

Story Time from Space.
Young Reader Medal. Mertitorious Contribution to Literature for Young People.
Learn about 2019's winners and 2020's nominations.

2019 WINNER!!!

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