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April is National Poetry Month!

Children’s poetry books are a rich way for kids to enjoy limericks, poetic stanzas, tongue twisters, and rhymes. Through poetry, they learn the joy of play on words, puns, and metaphors all while using their imaginations.

20 Favorite Children's Poetry Books20 Favorite Children's Poetry Books
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Hall of Fame!

  10/1/2018 - Mrs. Kim's 4th Grade Class
 10/3/2018 - Mrs. Tapia's 1st Grade Class
 10/9/2018 - Ms. Shaikh's 2nd Grade Class
 10/12/2018 - Ms. Kearns' 4th Grade Class
 11/7/2018 - Ms. Hutchinson's 2nd Grade Class
 11/8/2018 - Mr. Cheadle II's 3rd Grade Class
 11/14/2018 - Mr. Cheadle II's 3rd Grade Class
 1/11/2019 - Mr. Cheadle II's 3rd Grade Class
 1/17/2019 - Mr. Cheadle II's 3rd Grade Class
 1/19/2019 - Ms. Kearn's 4th Grade Class
 1/24/2019 - Mr. Cheadle II's 3rd Grade Class
 1/28/2019 - Mrs. Kim's 4th Grade Class
 1/31/2019 - Mr. Cheadle II's 3rd Grade Class
 2/7/2019 - Mr. Cheadle's II 3rd Grade Class
 3/27/2019 - Mrs. Williamson's 1st Grade Class

Every school year, Northwood's Library opens up to our students and staff. We offer a wide variety of books to enhance literacy, providing a wealth of information, as well as offering a large inventory with many genres to spark up even the most reluctant of readers.
During library time, your child will not only listen to great stories, but will have an opportunity to participate in literary discussions. They will listen to book reviews on old favorites and brand new titles just being released. They will also learn how to access information, be able to find these resources, and understand just how important the library can be in helping them to become successful in school.
Our goal is to provide our students with a great library experience. We want our students to know that the library is a place where they can find the resources they need to assist them with their studies, learn something new about the world and people around them, and to inspire in them, a "Love of Reading."
Val Bobias
Northwood School Library Media Tech

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